“Meditation is the gift of stillness, a chance to quieten the mind and become aware of a greater consciousness.”

Meditation is a simple practice available to all, which can reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity and promote happiness.

No special skills are required as meditation is not about striving to achieve something.  It simply provides a moment to sit in stillness, allowing the mind, body and spirit to become clear, present and balanced. One to One meditation sessions can help you find ways to grow and connect with your body, mind, emotions and the challenges of everyday life, increasing your awareness and focus.

Benefits of Meditation

According to David Hamilton a “chaotic mind inspires a chaotic biology”. The primary biological function of the human body is to keep its systems all functioning together to reproduce cells and maintain life.

Letting the brain know it’s time to take a break gives it permission to return the body to a relaxed state, meaning the heart can just concentrate on pumping blood around, the lungs oxygen and hormones can go back to what they’re designed for.

Reduces stress

Can help control anxiety

Supports emotional health

Enhances self awareness

Increases attention span

Can help reduce memory loss

Decreases addictions

Improves sleep and helps with pain control.

What I offer

One to one meditation sessions in person or online using zoom

Learn to meditate classes; 5 week online small group courses

Group meditation online using zoom



One to One £40

Online meditation course £60

One day meditation course £68

WhatsApp Meditation Motivation £40 per month 

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