Learn to Meditate


4 lovely, evening sessions guiding you towards your independent meditation practice and providing you with some kit for your self-care toolbox. Friendly and relaxed with lots of opportunities to try different styles of meditation. With a spattering of interesting stuff about why meditation is so darn good for you and how it can be applied to everyday life.   £60

aromatherapy workshop2.JPG

A Day of Aromatherapy

Spend the day sniffing, blending and learning about essential oils and simple ways to bring them into your everyday life.

In Person Group Meditation Courses

at the Therapy Studio

Learn to meditate in a day. 5 hours of getting to know about and practicing meditation. 

There's nothing better than joining with a group of people to meditate. The energy and support is fantastic and I will guide you step by step towards your own meditation practice.   £80

5 hour group workshop at the Therapy Studio for you to learn how to use essential oils to improve your health and well being and life in general.

This lovely relaxed workshop provides you with a good foundation in essential oils and aromatherapy by looking at the benefits of 8 essential oils and how to use them.

Includes plenty of breaks with a delicious lunch included in the price.

£100 includes lunch and essential  oils

The Sleep Workshop


Sleep is important, sleep is wonderful, sleep makes us happy.

Are You Getting Enough?

A day at the Therapy Studio looking at why we sleep, why we don't sleep and how we can learn to help ourselves achieve better, longer quality sleep 

£80 includes lunch. Essential oils extra