Learn to Meditate

Looking after your mental health and well being has never been more important. This is an opportunity to tune in and zone out, to take time to connect your mind and body, to clear your head of the day and prepare yourself for a relaxed and chilled out evening.

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Daily Meditation Sessions

And once you've finished your Learn to Meditate course, I'm still here to guide your meditations with weekly half hour sessions .

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Online Courses staring in November and throughout 2022 

Contact me for details


5 lovely, evening sessions to help you develop an understanding of what meditation is and its benefits. We will explore the techniques that can work towards a deeper understanding of how to practice meditation and how it can be applied to everyday life. I will guide you through each session providing you with the tools for your self-care toolbox.


In Person Group Meditation Courses

There's nothing better than joining with a group of people to meditate. The energy and support is fantastic. New meditation courses will run throughout the year. Contact me if you are interested in joining the 5 session course, when I will guide you step by step to finding the tools to help you find your own meditation practice.

After the course

I will continue to guide you, helping you to stay motivated and focused with weekly in person mediation meet ups.

Contact me if you're interested and for more info.

Take a break

Evening Mediations for Relaxation

Time to chill out and relax every Thursday evening from  8.30

Goodnight Sleep Tight

Seasonal Sunday evening chill outs. Pre bed guided meditation to help you sleep towards waking up refreshed and ready to face a new phase.

Guided meditation throughout the year

from 9.00pm

10 session rolling subscription £50

Or pay as you go £6,00 per session

“The object of meditation is to transform oneself, not to have good meditations.” Sangharakshita