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Stay meditation motivated with meditation morning ramblings, thoughts, support, guided meditation downloads, research and interesting stuff throughout the week.

This is a great way to stay on track with a regular meditation practice that fits in with your own schedule.

Monthly sign up  £40

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Learn to Meditate

Looking after your mental health and well being has never been more important. This is an opportunity to tune in and zone out, to take time to connect your mind and body, to clear your head of the day and prepare yourself for a relaxed and chilled out evening.


5 lovely, evening sessions guiding you towards your independent meditation practice and providing you with some kit for your self-care toolbox. Friendly and relaxed with lots of opportunities to try different styles of meditation. With a spattering of interesting stuff about why meditation is so darn good for you and how it can be applied to everyday life. 


In Person Group Meditation Courses

at the Therapy Studio

Learn to meditate in a day. 5 hours of getting to know about and practicing meditation. 

There's nothing better than joining with a group of people to meditate. The energy and support is fantastic and I will guide you step by step towards your own meditation practice.

After  the course

I will continue to guide you, helping you to stay motivated and focused with weekly in person mediation meet ups at the Therapy Studio, drop in guided meditation sessions online and on the WhatsApp Mspace.........See you there Tx

“The object of meditation is to transform oneself, not to have good meditations.” Sangharakshita