A mind & body collaboration with Stomp 


We all know exercise is good for us, it gets the heart beating, happy hormones released and can really help self esteem. We are now more and more aware of the mind body connection, a healthy body is healthier with a healthy mind, a healthy mind helps our body to function better. When we feel emotion, our body feels that emotion and each emotional challenge can frequently show up as a physical symptom.

We all know how unique Stomp is, you won’t find a face to face, walking based workout anywhere else and you won’t find one that offers even more support through meditation sessions and courses.

When women come together, things get talked about, friendships are forged. There isn’t a Stomp gone by where laughter doesn’t occur, or personal issues not discussed, and helped. Now you can come together to not only become physically strong and flexible, but to sit together, look out over beautiful countryside, learn to breath, relax and find a calmness that will help and support your mental health.


Our Stompers are a very special community.

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