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An energy therapy which involves the therapist using their energy to balance and restore yours. Deeply relaxing it can reduce stress and promote healing.

Reiki aides relaxation and assists the body's natural healing process, develops emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Reiki is a simple and non-invasive treatment which unblocks and prompts energy to flow through the body, encouraging relaxation, peace and security.

Reiki can aid relaxation, help with depression and anxiety, target specific areas of pain and help manage cancer symptoms and treatment side effects.

Treatments are very much dependent on individual needs but will generally be 45 minutes to an hour.

Distance Reiki is also available and although it's a difficult one to get your head included. If we can understand we are more than our physical body and all energy produced by living things is universal, it becomes easier to imagine energy as limitless and without the restrictions of time and distance.

Distance Reiki sessions generally involve a plan of Reiki throughout an agreed period of time with a specific 30 minute session.


The ultimate treatment combining meditation with Reiki. As well as balancing energy, your therapist will focus your mind with meditative breathwork, encouraging you to bring your attention into to the moment and fully focusing on your treatment. 


1 hour £50

Distance £45

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