Meditation course

Looking after your mental health and well being has never been more important. This is an opportunity to tune in and zone out, to take time to connect your mind and body, to clear your head of the day and prepare yourself for a relaxed and chilled out evening. 

A lovely 5 session course to help you develop an understanding of what meditation is, it’s benefits, history, and the techniques that can work towards a deeper understanding of how to practice it and how meditation can be applied to everyday life by providing a basis on which to develop a continuous personal exploration of the experience of a daily practice.

You will be guided through a comprehensive range of different meditation types and techniques and as the course unfolds you will have opportunities for reflection on your personal experience of each type of meditation, helping you to deepen your understanding of the benefits of relaxation, balance, the cultivation of inner peace and an understanding of the fundamental and underlying principles of meditation.

Aromatherapy workshop

A 5 hour online session of sniffing, blending and learning all about aromatherapy and the use of essential oils. We will look at the history, science and application of essential  oils and how you can bring them into your everyday life.


You will receive an aromatherapy pack to for sniffing and blending throughout the day and for your own use afterwards, all included in the booking fee.

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