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Zafu Cushions

Beautiful cotton batik outer cover with calico lining. Filled with organic buckwheat husks. The cover can be removed for washing or if you fancy changing to a new design. The handle means you can take  your zafu and meditate anywhere. This really is a Zafu for Life       £40.00

Zafu cushions 1.jpg


Look out for new fabrics

coming soon

Lavender Eye Pillows

100% cotton, filled with locally sourced lavender and flax seed. Perfect for yoga savasana, to encourage sleep, or ease a headache. Different designs available.


Woo zafu cushion fabrics.
They're all one offs so if you like one order now before someone else does.


And there's more on the way

Gift Cards

Give the gift of well being. Each gift card will be priced according to the amount you would like to give and can be used for all treatments or courses.

Prices vary

Meditation Downloads

Your own guided meditation chosen for you from a range of different meditations, including Visualisations, Loving Kindness, Breathwork, Body Scans. 

25 minutes £10

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