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Body Massage 60 minutes £60.00

Back Massage 45 minutes £45.00

Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes £65.00

Aromatherapy Massage 60 minutes £65.00

The ultimate meditation massage 75 minute £75

Reflexology 60 minute £55.00

Reiki 45 minutes £50.00


Combining the therapeutic properties of a personalised blend of essential  oils with hot stones and meditative breath work,  this massage treatment is sublime, calming and restorative

75 minutes £75


A deeply relaxing and restorative massage combining the power of touch with the therapeutic effects of the essential oils, blended for your specific needs.

Eases muscle tension, soothes away aches and pains, promotes lymphatic flow by clearing toxic build up and boosts the immune system.

60 minutes £65

Payment and Cancellations

Please pay for your treatment before leaving the Therapy Studio.
Cancellations of less than 24 hours will be charged at full price. 
Cancellations of less than 48 hours will be charged at half price.
Late payments may incur interest.


Relaxing and energising, massage works on the soft tissues and muscles in the body and may  release and ease pain in tense or injured muscles, restore balance and well-being or simply provides some rest and relaxation. Using Hot Stones creates a deeply relaxing warmth, combined with bespoke essential oils, breath work and mindfulness, you'll find yourself breathing deeply and floating in a cloud of aromatics and warmth.

60 minutes £60    45 minutes £45


Holding Hands

A simple, non-invasive treatment which unblocks and prompts energy to flow through the body, encouraging relaxation, peace and security. Reiki can  help with depression and anxiety, target specific areas of pain, re balance and restore.Deeply relaxing it can  assist the body's natural healing process and emotional, mental and spiritual well being.  

45 minutes £50


A zone therapy which uses massage and gentle pressure on specific points of the feet or hands to restore and rebalance by easing stress, and prompting the body and its organs to return to a state of optimal function. Can help with low energy and mood, sluggish circulation, poor digestion and respiratory problems as well as rebalance hormones and support pain management.

60 minutes £55

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